How Osakwe’s plot to execute PDP leaders instruction that 9 journalists remains suspended failed
It was another show of shame exhibited again at the NUJ Benin City tuesday when the timid and unintelligent chairman of the state Council of NUJ, Mr Rolland Osakwe in collaboration with his PDP thugs from ITV, led by Efosa Uwangue, Kunle and two Camera men attached to the state owned EBS, in the persons of Courage Asia and Edwin attacked the CPS to the deputy governor, Mr Musa after they were angered with the fact that the Disciplinary Committee set up by Osakwe to investigate the 9 journalists from the major national dailies accused of collecting N5m, exonerated the G9 from the said allegation. The drama started few hours to the congress when Osakwe, Efosa Uwangue and Titus Akhigbe called the chairman of the Committee Mr Hameed to allow them see the report before it is read at the congress. This was to ensure that the 9 journalists were indicted. Unfortunately for Osakwe popularly known as Zebrudiah, who wanted to fulfil d bidding of the PDP Pastor that was defeated by Obaseki and Chief Igbinedion who gave Osakwe money to ensure that the 9 journalists remains suspended, Hameed refused to disclose the report of the committee and remained dogged.
Efosa Uwangue in the presence of the drunkard Titus threatened to ensure that Osakwe is impeached if he does not stop Hameed from reading the report. Titus’s frustration is that despite the fact that he is a member of the correspondent chapel he was not rated among the top ten super journalists in the state. However Osakwe found himself in a quagmire particularly after Ofure Osehobo, another good for nothing journalist whose first wife ejected from her house due to his inability to take care of the 3 kids they have forcing him to marry another wife, a prostitute he met at a Bachelor’s eve in NUJ, gave Osakwe money from his boss Kpelebe to ensure that d 9 innocent journalists were indicted.
Haven failed to convince Hameed to do their bidding they entered the congress a divided house. When Hameed started reading his report, one of the thugs from ITV tore the report while the imbecile chairman Osakwe and Efosa hail their boy. But Hameed remained unintimidated, he calmly went for another copy of the report and started reading. Of course the report was exonorating the G9. But Osakwe and his ITV/ PDP thugs started yelling at Hameed. It was at that point that the CPS to the deputy governor, Mr Musa urged them to stop disrupting the congress so that the committee will conclude their assignment. The already frustrated Efosa, Courage, Kunle and Edwin attacked Musa with satchet water and stones while Osakwe enjoyed the movie. Very sadly for the profession, Musa was former Vice President of NUJ South West and was mandated by elders of the union to attend the congress on their behalf to ensure that peace returns to NUJ. But the PDP thugs refused to make peace reign.
Musa headed to the Aideyan police station to incident the matter and when the police came to arrest the suspects Osakwe locked up the hall to protect his thugs and came out to kneel before the police to plead. But of course police insisted to do their job and the matter has been transfered to the state CID. They are being charged for assault and hooliganism.
However, the dogged chairman of the committee Hameed read the entire report and exonerated the 9 journalists stating clearly that ” from our investigation, the money was meant for the 9 and not NUJ or any group. We found that the earlier decision to suspend them was in error so we are recommending that the suspension be lifted because the allegation against them was untrue”.
The report is expected to be forwarded to the national secretariat of the NUJ who had earlier faulted the purported suspension of the 9 including Alemma Ozioruva the secretary of the NUJ who also is a NEC member that can only be suspended by the NEC of NUJ and not local tyrants like Osakwe and co.
Hameed and 2 other members of the committee has written their names in gold and should be commended. As it stands now Osakwe Disciplinary Committee has cleared the 9 journalists of any wrong doing, to the chagrin of Efosa, Osakwe and co. what is now the fate of expired journalists such as Ofure Osehobo, Sabesten Evbuonwa, Titus Akhigbe, Edosa Okunbo, Ralp Okhiria, Nephisatu Yakubu and others who have been making failed attempts to rubbish the name of the Obaseki led administration and the innocent G9 journalists out of envy that they work in reputable papers?
TITUS AKHIGBE- Like his brother Ofure Titus has worked in so many quack newspapers but has not been able to make a break through due to his deficiency in writing reports. Titus is known to always plagarism and lifting reports from colleagues who laboured to do good reports. The current tatch house he lives today was built by his born again wife. As we speak the poor woman feeds the family while Titus sit at under the tree at NUJ and drink cheap beers bought for him by friends. Out of envy he vets his frustration against top journalists, most of them his friends who made him all he is today at NUJ. Sadly, rather than work hard he drinks from morning to night and abuse people with his cowardly look. He was said to have a mental problem which affected his relationship with his elder brother who trained him. His late mother was said to have died out of frustration caused by Titus and placed a curse on him before her death. Very sad.
Ofure Osehobo- A finished journalists who was chases away by his first wife. This guy has worked in endless number of papers yet no progress in his life. Despite the money he is making working for Ize Iyamu no progress in his life. As a result jealousy, envy against progressive journalists became his portion.
RALPH OKHIRIA- An old fox who said he is a Deacon but involved in several sex scandals in NUJ. He pretends to be a friend of government but an evil genius working for the PDP cabal. Shame!
EDOSA OKUNBOR- This guy does not write for any paper but rather going about to policians to lie and blackmail them. An expert in gossiping people with his Igbo girl friend. At his age, sick as he is remained envious of those he cannot compete with. Very petty and jobless old man.
SABESTEIN EVBUOWAN- His mental problem affected his job and life that he was sacked as Punch Correspondent after insulting his Editors. As if that was not enough, Sabestein was chased away by his supposed inlaw when he told the man ” are not supposed to be happy that i intend to marry your daughter”. The Urhobo man was said to have gone into his room brought out a cutlass and Sabestein took off. That was the end of the marriage. Haven been idle all these while after being sacked from two major papers, he now became envious of the G9. Sabestine now finds solace in dishing out lies in the social media against the G9 and the state government. He is in dire need of a psychiatric doctor.
With what is happening, i believe that God intends to sanitise Edo NUJ by weeding out the evil cabal who rather than work hard believes in voodoo which makes them laze about. TRUTH HAS PREVAILED and it is a pointer that darkness can never over shadow light.


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