September 11th which marked the birthday celebration of Sir, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion hosted people from all works of life in Benin city the state capital.

At the event a Son of the celebrant who was a two time Governor of Edo state from 1999-2007 Chief Lucky Igbinedion made a speech during his remark that “it is the right of the igbinedion family to determine who governs Edo State, and as far as the house of igbinedion is concerned Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu is a member of my family,so he must emerge victorious come September 28.

The fractional gubernatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party , Pastor Ize Iyamu in his response appreciated Chief Lucky Igbinedion and vow to make the annual birthday celebration of Sir Gabriel Igbinedion a state sponsored project and never to disappoint the house of Igbinedion.

From the statements above, it is imperative to draw our attention to what Edo state went through in the hand of the house of Igbinedion during the reign of The house of Igbinedion. Edo state suffered backwardness and epileptic infrastructural development, Ize Iyamu under the power of the house of Igbinedion  forcefully collected the passel of land belonging to the Oba of Benin sacred kingdom which he built his own agricultural school call OI farm.

These set of people are here again to request our vote, my fellow Edo brothers and sisters lets  be wise and reject the house of Igbinedion  this time. We must say no to backwardness and continuity of the house of Igbinedion.

Lets not allow them take advantage of the present country’s economic situation to convince us because they single handedly destroy the economy of Nigeria.

My great people of Edo state join me in the campaign against the continuity of the house of IGBINEDION  in Edo state government.

Vote Wisely, vote APC


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